A very creative wedding: Alex & Estela - English version.

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I really wanted to publish this post and now, after they said "Yes, I do"; I can share it with you. I  had never lived a wedding from within, and Alex and Estela gave me that opportunity: they trusted in me and in my work to prepare that special moment: the day of their wedding.

To understand this whole project, first you need know about them some things:
Alex and Estela are a very special couple: He gives good vibes and always smiles even the difficult days. She is feisty and extrovert and is in love with interior design and small details.

At our first meeting, they clarified me that they wanted a different kind of wedding invitation: very original, fun and exclusive. With a romantic side and the other, it would show how they met. If I'm honest, it looked a complicated project at first, but the creative process we did together: sharing approaches, opinions and ideas; they turned it into a dynamic, rewarding and fun project.

The final result was a diptych (A5 closed) full color printed on metallized white paper of 260gr, this type of paper provide rigidity to the invitation and light creates some bright reflections by the metallic effect on the paper. It's a very colorful wedding invitation and full of tropical flowers, so it leaves the traditional concept, both in composition as color and style, of the conventional wedding invitations.

They wanted a very romantic cover, so a flower frame encircles the main scene that shows the couple with similar clothing they wear when they met (because they wanted to get away from the cliche of the couple with wedding wear) and located in front of a very big moon. The back of the invitation shows some floral details and the initials of their name, keeping the continuity and consistency with the cover.

The inner was allocated to narrate a summary about the day when they met at a party on the beach (left). And on the other hand, it presents the information about the ceremony (right), which it has been integrated with the rest of the composition with a not too formal language placed on wooden boards with floral ornaments to strengthen the concepts of "beach party" and "tropical environment".

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Once delivered the wedding invitation to its owners, Alex and Estela decided to go a step further. And I was asked for a image (30 x 40cm) with the motif of the cover of the invitation to frame and put it at the entry of the wedding's place. It was printed on photo paper - glossy 260gr. The details of the moon, that appears behind them, were developed to give it presence.

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Finally, we designed the labels for gifts to the guests, with a different message for women and for men, as their gifts would be different. To do this, we rely on the design of the wedding invitation to give unity and coherence to the whole (invitation, frame and labels).

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And after that, all that remains is to say! Long live the newlyweds! And my best wishes!
Thanks for having me for this special project :)

The following photographs were taken by Orero Fotografía - Manuel Orero:

Mockup: Free A4- Bifold Brochure Mockup by Wassim Awadallah

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